My experiences working with London escort agencies

I moved from Bayswater to work as a London escort a few years ago; I was unsure about the profession and had second thoughts about my new occupation. First, I had to sign up with an escort agency that regulated London’s escort activities and hooked p escorts with potential clients. I was very skeptical and did not want any of my family members, knowing that I was an escort. I was scared that I could show up to meet I client I knew since most of my family members lived in London and some of my uncles were known to use the escort services when they went to different social events. I invested in wigs and make-up that could make me look different, but as I met clients, I understood that escorting was like any other work, and one did not have to feel ashamed of the job.

I realized that much of the work I’d be doing is taking clients to the business and social meetings. Most of my clients had so much going on in their lives and could not get into serious relationships. Therefore, they preferred hiring an escort to accompany them to exotic places. In most instances, my clients could pay all the bills, but the agency could step in if they could not. I met different business people, politicians, and people with notable names in London. Some of my clients were kind, and they could help me meet potential employers as they were interested in my education and career prospects.

One thing I have enjoyed being an escort is the payment; the compensation is way higher than that of an average job. You could choose what to do with the clients, and sex is a mutual agreement. They pay for the companionship, and for additional payment, some ask for massages. If you are not comfortable engaging in an activity, you have the liberty to decline. To avoid incidences that you do not agree with the assigned client, it could help if you signed an agreement on the services you could provide and the amount of money they could pay you. In most cases, clients could pay through the agency for better cooperation; they pay the agency in advance before you provide the services or the clients can pay you direcrtly.

Most of my clients happen to be matured, and I got to taste the other side of the coin. I had been used to dating young men who might not know what they want in life but associating with mature men gave me another dating perspective. This has helped me relate well with the men in my life as I have understood how they work and think, thus promoting my relationship with loved ones.


I realized that although escorts are stigmatized in our society, it is one of the respected professions. One has to choose their terms when providing services to their clients, and they get paid for the services they offer generously. One does not necessarily have to engage in sexual activities with the client as sex is consensual between the parties. Escorting could allow you to visit an exclusively exotic place and meet new people. Moreover, it offers flexibility when working with clients as you get to choose the working schedule.

How to pick the best London escort agency

Once in London, on a business trip or vacation, there is a need to have an escort. It feels great to have someone on your side who understands all your concern and give you precisely what you want. That is what the right beautiful escort does. They will properly treat you and help you get the best experience in London. That only happens if you take your time to pick on the best escort agency that will give you the treatment that you deserve. If you want to choose the best escort agency in London, consider the following:

• Reliability of the agency

One of the things you should have in your mind when choosing the agency is if you put your needs first, you need to place an agency that ensures that your need is given priority. When you consider this, they should ensure that anytime you need the services, they have them and enjoy your time. Also, they should give you what escorts you need within central London.

• If the agency offers the service that you need

Another primary consideration to pick the best agency is to check if the agency offers the service that you are looking for. It would be best if you got an agency that offers excellent service that you are always interested in. Various escort agency provides different services that might not include what you are looking for, so you should be keen.

• Professionality of the agency

It would be best if you considered the agency’s profession and pick an agency that has been in operation for a couple of years. This is a clear indication that the agency has the knowledge and the experience needed to keep you happy.

You should learn that there are pretty of London escort that is thee to make money out of you; hence you should always focus on choosing the right escort. Consider the above point, and you will have one of the most incredible escorts to party within Central London.

Tips on how to Become Successful Escort In Central London

Being an escort in London and all over the world is considered a taboo to many since it is viewed as prostitution but, in some cases, the career tends to differ from the beliefs of other people. Yes if you are working as an escort, you may be hired for sex advances, but in some cases, people prefer to hire a girl just for companion basis. A businessperson may call a girl to escort him when attending a prominent meeting.
But it is essential to keep the following things in mind if you want to venture into the escort business.

Understand the business.
Knowing all the rules that govern the role helps you in adapting pretty efficiently and having an easy time as well. If you want to become an escort without having to engage in sex acts with the clients, chances of you failing to get a lot of jobs are quite high since most clients want an escort for sex purposes. Therefore be prepared for whatever services that you are hired for.

It is not easy.
No business is easy in this world. Therefore you should not sign up with an escort agency thinking that you will earn massive amounts of money fast. It takes time to establish your brand, and you may find unfriendly clients in the line of business too. Therefore as long your are determined and focused, you will be able to excel in the market.

Be flexible.
Flexibility is required when working as an escort since you can be called at any time of the day. A client may request your services at night or even during the day. So, always be prepared and also ensure you are available since this is part of establishing your brand.

Choose an agency.
There are a lot of escort agencies in central London to choose and sign up with. Therefore take your time, read their terms and conditions so you can be able to select the most suitable agency to work with.

Working as an escort is not easy as it comes with various challenges based on the nature of the job and what is expected of you. Therefore, know what you are getting into before you decide to get into the business.